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Managing Conflict & Aggression with Clients

Key issues addressed by this course:

  • Identify key factors that contribute to conflictual situations and the practical implications of how to respond to them
  • The signs and effects of different substances on aggressive behaviour - including those you would not expect
  • Learn how to use "territory" and the environment you're seeing the person in to your advantage
  • Develop de-escalation skills with clients
  • Use the facilitation-assertion balance to successfully defuse difficult situations with clients
  • Learn what are TRUE predictors of risk and explode common myths
  • Explore the relationship between clients' mental health problems and how to handle conflict with them

How would you deal with the following?

  • A client is swearing in every sentence they use with you. Do you challenge it or not?
  • A client has been pacing around the room complaining about the bad service you offer. You are sitting down. They suddenly stand over you. What are your options?
  • You have a choice of seeing a difficult client in your home or at your place of work. What are the pros and cons of each option?

This course will help you to deal with these and many other similar cases.

Course Leader:

Paul Grantham
B.A. (Oxon), M.Sc, M.Clin.Psychol., BABCP (Accred)

Paul Grantham is a clinical psychologist with vast clinical and training experience. Having originally taken a degree in history at Oxford University, Paul chose to make Psychology his professional career and took an MSc degree in Psychology at Sussex University followed by training as a Clinical Psychologist at Liverpool University. He has worked extensively within the NHS for many years as a clinical psychologist including primary care, mental health, forensic, substance misuse and physical health and has trained staff in health care, social services, local government and education around the UK and abroad. Paul has a particular interest in people motivation for change, resistance and reasons of why people do NOT change and currently focuses on practical applications of resource based therapies. He has presented and written on a range of psychological issues with particular emphasis on working with clients’ inner resources for overcoming problems.

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